4 signs it’s time to update your warehouse inventory system

Like any other business tool, warehouse inventory systems are always being improved, which means that many older solutions can quickly become totally obsolete. By upgrading your warehouse inventory system you can help your business to save money and deliver a better service to all of your customers.

If you wait until your current warehouse inventory management software becomes ineffectual then you stand to lose a large amount of time and money before you get back on your feet. It may be the case that your legacy software is not integrating well with new IT mechanisms or perhaps you are noticing data errors in your spreadsheets.

Whatever the case, here are 4 major signs that it’s time to upgrade to a new and effective warehouse inventory system.

An inefficient system is causing a drop in productivity and morale

A lot of the regular warehouse inventory system tools that are used frequently today are actually more than 20 years old. That’s not including spreadsheets, which aren’t the best way of getting things done and aren’t very exciting to use.

Using tools that aren’t right for the job and constantly hold your workers back is a great way to reduce morale and productivity. By upgrading to a more efficient and easier-to-use warehouse inventory system, you workers will have the tools they need to make confident and informed decisions as well as being more enthusiastic about the work they are doing.

Data entry errors are seriously affecting your business

Even when using the best software, human errors are often unavoidable. However, using a high quality warehouse inventory system means that you can eliminate all data entry mistakes that are easily avoidable. It’s obvious that spending resources cleaning up human errors is a huge drain on any business and therefore the risk of data entry errors needs to be minimised as much as possible to ensure efficiency.

Eliminating these errors not only increases your productivity but assists the customer experience. If a new warehouse inventory system can successfully prevent orders from being dispatched to the wrong place or can make warranties and returns easier, then it has helped your relationship with customers.

You’re envious of features available to other businesses

If all the other businesses that you compete or trade with are using the best possible warehouse inventory systems, then it’s only prudent that you jump on the bandwagon so that you’re not left behind. You may have wanted to implement barcoding and batch number tools but haven’t had the right software solution to do it yet.

If these added features are able to increase the profitability of your business, then there’s no reason not to invest in them.

Your business is growing rapidly and you are struggling to keep track

Every business owner wants their business to be growing, but sometimes growth can happen suddenly when you’re not fully prepared for it. The last thing you want to do is scale back your output at such an important time, but you run the risk of over extending yourself to the point that a disaster is just waiting to happen.

At this point you should invest in a warehouse inventory system that will allow you to keep track of your growing stocktake needs with advanced batch number and barcoding tools. With these tools at your disposal, you can accurately keep track of and manage your growing number of orders and provide the same high level of customer service, but at a larger scale.

Ultimately, upgrading your warehouse inventory system is an inevitability that you will need to face eventually for your business to take itself to the next level.