5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Unfortunately, sometimes relationships don’t work, this can be due to mistakes, or simply through people growing apart. Records show that there are roughly 132 divorces every day in Australia, with 41.5% of those being joint decisions. The high divorce rate means that divorce lawyers are in high demand. Even if the relationship ended amicably it can be a good idea to speak to an experienced divorce solicitor in Sydney; keep reading to find out why.


They Are Experts

If you do something for a job, you know all the intricate details. This is the same with divorce lawyers, divorce is their area of expertise. If things are tense between you and your soon to be ex husband or wife, an attorney can give you advice regarding what to do or say to get the results you want. On top of this, getting a divorce involves lots of paperwork, which can become complicated. A solicitor knows what needs to be done and what paperwork is required. Going through a break up is stressful, so let the expert handle the legal aspect.


They Are on Your Side

As soon as you hire a divorce lawyer, they become your advocate. A good solicitor will be your biggest supporter through the entire process. It is their job to argue your case and fight for what you want after the breakup. It’s important to choose someone who you trust, and who you can easily communicate with. If you have a reliable, trustworthy attorney all you’ll need to do is tell them your demands and allow them to deal with the rest.


They Are Level Headed

Divorce is emotional for everyone involved and it can be really easy to get carried away with wanting to get back at your ex or fighting over who gets what just to feel like you’ve won. Because of this, there is no possible way that you can be objective and think about what is best for you long term. This is where your divorce lawyer comes in; they are there to help you make good decisions and come to the best solution for everyone involved.

A good solicitor will be there to make sure your demands are reasonable and will tell you if you are asking for something that is unreasonable. Furthermore, because your emotions are running so high throughout the divorce process it’s common for people to say or do things that are vindictive and that will ultimately hurt their case. So the less contact you have with your ex, the better; your solicitor will be able to act as the middle man so you have as little direct contact as possible.


They Can Offer You Options

As mentioned above, dealing with separations is what divorce lawyers do. They will be able to tell you the most likely outcome if you were to go to court and will be able to offer you other options that may work out better for you. It is the job of the attorney to create a settlement proposal for you and to advise you if you should accept or decline a proposal coming from your ex partner’s attorney. The key point here is that they will give you options and remind you that you do not have to settle, you have rights and they will help you get the best outcome possible.


They Do the Paperwork

Do you know how much paperwork is involved when you separate? Probably not, because you’re not a divorce lawyer. But, there is so much paperwork that needs to be completed and filed with the court. It’s confusing to work out which papers are relevant to your specific situation; this is where the solicitor comes in. Completing the paperwork correctly is essential when it comes to your case; making one mistake could impact the outcome. Solicitors fill out forms all the time, so they know how to correctly complete any paperwork necessary. Besides this, filling out paperwork is time consuming and boring, let the professional deal with it while you focus on rebuilding your life.