Alternatives To Leather Lounges For Commercial Spaces

As a business owner, it is imperative that you make a positive first impression as clients, customers, investors, partners and other interested parties walk through the door.

One item that often emerges when establishing a friendly but luxurious and professional image is the inclusion of leather lounges in Sydney. This is something that speaks to a degree of quality on behalf of the brand to state that this is a company that seeks to project confidence and a need to uphold a standard of excellence.

There are all types of forms that can be found in relation to leather lounges as you scour the market. From full-grain leather lounges to split leather lounges, top-grain leather lounges and the corrected-grain items that provide uniformity across the set, there is no shortage of styles and designs to fit the owner’s needs.

However, if this is something that is out of your budget or not to your liking, what alternatives are out there to project a similar sense of excellence, comfort and attention to detail?

Here we will outline some other lounge categories that are ideal for most business and commercial settings.



This synthetic fabric burst onto the scene during the 1950s as it has a habit of blending naturally around its surrounding environment. Many owners decide for this option due to the efficient cleaning that can be undertaken, something that the leather items cannot match. Whilst some commercial operators would advocate for a suede item, that can be susceptible to becoming stiff and discoloured after cleaning. This will match nicely to any wool or cotton materials in the office or waiting room as the longer lifespan will see it less averse to wrinkling and abrasion from overexposure.


Faux Leather

Would you like to project the look of leather lounges without actually having to shop and buy for the real thing? This is where the faux option is ideal and seen as a solid alternative for business owners who are searching for an affordable item that won’t put a hole in their budget. The added benefit of utilising this type of product is that the cleaning is simple and time-friendly, an aspect that really helps if you have small staff on hand. It’s modern look and UV resistance makes it appealing as well as the variety in colours that most department stores will offer you as a business.



The linen lounge option is ideal for many formal business brands that want to match an aesthetic appeal with a comfort and elegance. Think of a real estate office or a modern accountancy where a natural textile fiber will provide a genuinely soft product that is tangible. Leather lounges can lack a degree of being breathable as they can fall victim to being sticky due to heat and humidity. Linen provides a stronger element of elasticity in this respect.



There are many reasons why a business would avoid leather lounges for their workers and clients alike. There are health concerns in relation to the toxins that are kept in these items and the chemical exposure has been tied to a series of diseases and illnesses trapped inside. The damage to the environment is another aspect that entrepreneurs and business owners think about and the potential risk for any animals that are in the vicinity of these goods.

The decision as to the appropriate inclusion of leather lounges will entirely be up to the discretion of the business owner to determine whether or not it will fit into the overall décor picture. The fortunate aspect to consider is that there are alternatives out there in the market that are affordable, equally appealing aesthetically, and can project a similar sense of professionalism and comfort.