Five Top Tips When Preparing a House for Sale

Preparing a house for sale can be tough, especially when you don’t really know where to start. It is easy for our living spaces to get crowded over the years as we accumulate more and more stuff.

It’s only when we have to move out that we realize the intensity of the situation. The fact is that it is much easier to sell a home that is neat and tidy than one which has all of your current junk.

There are a few steps you can take to maximize the value of your property. You should aim to get the best value possible as once you’ve sold it, you don’t want any regrets! Here are some top tips for preparing house for sale:


house that is for sale



It is essential that you declutter when preparing a house for sale. Potential buyers will most likely be turned off when they walk into a room and it is full of junk. Furthermore, the abundance of items can make it seem like the space is smaller than it really is.

Decluttering can help people to see the potential of the space and be more likely to consider moving in. You’ll have to move all of your stuff out anyway, so doing it for the open home only makes sense.

Taking this step will give you a blank canvas to work on for preparing a house for sale.


Clean it out

Don’t just stop at the decluttering. Cleaning the space and making sure it looks close to new is another factor that can affect the results when preparing a house for sale.

Don’t leave stains or dust floating around— make sure you scrub everything down. Everything counts, so don’t discount the impact of making a house look new.

Hiring services that can go an extra step and pressure wash and deep clean your property can go a long way in potential buyers’ perception of the home.


Minor touch-ups

Minor touch-ups when preparing a house for sale such as a new coat of paint or some yard work can really pull everything all together for the open home.

These small touches can influence any potential buyer and help the property look put together. While it might not seem like much, a little goes a long way in making a property seem like the right blank canvas for another family to move into!

By touching up the place so it looks brand new, other individuals will be more likely to see it as somewhere they are able to settle into.



Are there small instances of damage that you haven’t bothered to repair? It’s probably the time to do so when you are preparing a house for sale.

Whether it’s an issue with the landscaping or a minor issue with a wall, take the opportunity to fix it now and make sure the value of your property isn’t affected.


Home staging

Home staging refers to the act of decorating a property for the purpose of making it attractive to buyers. While it isn’t good to have a cluttered space, having an empty space can be harmful to your property’s value during an open home as well.

It is because too much negative space can result in individuals not being able to see past that and recognize its potential.

Hiring someone to stage your property can make a huge difference when preparing a house for sale. Changing décor by reorganising, minimising flaws, decorating for the target market and adding accessories will help potential buyers to see a future home in your property.