The Benefits of Attending Dance Studios in the CBD

Moving to the music has been one of humanity’s most popular forms of self-expression and exercise for thousands of years. And for good reason! Ballet, pole, tap and hip-hop are really fun ways to spend our time, meet new people and enhance our fitness. Read on for some of the major benefits of getting involved at dance studios in the CBD this year.


Social benefits

From making new friends to improving your social confidence, here are some of the best social benefits you’ll get from going to dance studios in the CBD.

Make new friends

One of the greatest benefits of getting involved in any new hobby is that it gives you the opportunity to meet new people. Over time as you get to know your peers you’ll start to develop a bond which may extend outside the classroom. Don’t be afraid to ask your new friends out for coffee!

Opportunities for parties and social events

You’ll tend to find that when you get involved at dance studios in the CBD, a world of social and party opportunities emerge. By meeting new people and staying up-to-date with your school’s list of events, you’ll be more engaged in the social scene and will hopefully get to enjoy more parties!

Overcome shyness

If shyness and low self-confidence is something that you want to work on, being a part of dance studios in the CBD is a great opportunity to overcome these experiences. Being exposed to new people and challenges can help to push you out of your comfort zone and grow as a person. Over time as you improve in your field and get used to socialising more, you’ll find your confidence will start to grow.

Boost your existing relationships

Joining a ballroom or contemporary class can also be a great way of improving your existing relationships, such as with a spouse or friend. Getting together to enjoy an activity can help you bond and create positive new memories to appreciate.


Health benefits

Going to dance studios in the CBD also offers a myriad of health benefits, such as improved coordination and stress relief.

Better flexibility, coordination and agility

Twirling and cavorting allows your body to challenge itself in new and healthy ways. Through regular practice, you’ll find that you have better overall flexibility, improved hand-eye coordination and heightened agility. You’ll be impressed with what your body can do!

Reduced stress

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and boost feel-good chemicals in the body. This can help with symptoms of anxiety, depression and burn out and help get you in a good physical and mental state. Attending dance studios in the CBD offers the added benefit of letting you exercise to music, which can also help reduce stress.

Improved strength, endurance and overall fitness

This form of exercise can also increase your overall bone and muscular strength by helping your body grow and thicken. It’s also great for improving your heart health and lung capacity, which can boost your endurance (which can help with marathons!) and overall health and fitness.

Heightened mental functioning

Joining dance studios in the CBD can also have strong positive effects on your mental wellbeing. The exercise boosts blood flow to the brain and improves cognitive abilities such as coordination, decision-making, speed, balance and social skills. Frolicking has also been linked to a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia (as well as lessened symptoms for existing sufferers), which may make it a great option for the elderly.



Joining dance studios in the CBD offers a range of social and health benefits.