The Sydney PR game

PR in Sydney

Whatever industry you are in, Sydney will be competitive, but PR in Sydney can help. Getting yourself noticed at the top of the pile is harder now than it ever has been. With many problems, you’ll need to have financial backing to solve the issues but not only that, you’ll also need people that know what they are doing. Those with experience of what works and doesn’t work, what sells and what doesn’t sell. Enlisting the help of PR in Sydney should be high on the priorities list if you feel your lagging behind the competitors.

There are multiple agencies that offer PR in Sydney. They will promise you the world. They can make the smallest problem go away, they can make the largest negative and turn it into a positive, and the promises won’t stop there. Experts in PR in Sydney will tell you they can build your brand and your customer base. They will tell you they know what’s what. They have all the contacts, they know all the right things to say and they have direct access to some of the largest publications and media outlets in the city, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


But is it all true? How can it be? How can everyone be the best at PR in Sydney? I suppose to find out who is the best you’ll have to see who has run the best public relations exercises about their own company. It’s not usually you’ll see which agent is helping which company or celebrity but by trawling through blogs, articles and maybe some old videos clips on the internet, you’ll be able to find out who is actually the cream of the crop in PR in Sydney, who really rules the roost.

When you are choosing who is the best for you for PR in Sydney. You’ll instantly notice all of the buzz words, the phrases designed to draw you in and to convince you of their worth, “creative”, “full service”, “our story”, “we listen” are all terms you’ll come across on the first few websites you find. But does anybody really listen? Depending on how much you’re willing to pay, they may listen. Will they really “tailor” a “creative campaign” to “your needs”? In a word, no. They’ll do the work expected of them but it’s doubtful whether it will be tailored so much as changed and altered from a previous campaign to hope it works again. You’d probably do the same if you could.


You’ll see a lot of jargon but in the end it’s only the figures that matter. The reach. The increase in consumer base. The doubling of sales. These are the only things that really matter. This is how you can judge your experts in PR in Sydney. No other metric can be used, they will not be able to hide behind their buzz words in the cold light of day. At least you know this much. You know what you want and although you don’t understand every tiny detail of the public relations process, you’re aware of what success looks like.

When you’ve made your selection, it’s important to keep this in mind. As well as this, stick to your principles and what made your business successful in the first place. Some agencies and agents will do anything to get to the top but if that anything doesn’t fit into your business model and how you run things then don’t be afraid to say no. You are the client but make sure it’s your voice that is heard throughout the process because in the end it will be your brand that suffers or succeeds on the back of PR in Sydney.