Tips To Picking The Best Massage Chair

girl having a back massage

What exactly constitutes the best massage chair available on the market?

You have probably sifted through a series of local retailers hoping to pinpoint the right product that will alleviate your back pain, correct the alignment of the spine and put you in a happier physical and mental state.

It is valuable in these environments to avoid all of the marketing jargon and stick to the essentials, offering items that meet your personal criteria and setting aside those luxury brands that over exaggerate their real worth.

Let us explore some key shopper tips.


User Comfort

Of course it should be a given that the best massage chair you can find on the market meets your medical needs. For those that are sourcing a product for therapeutic treatments where back, spine and neck ailments are diagnosed, this is the key consideration. Yet this is a significant investment where comfort has to be priority. Customers are highly recommended to be there in store to actually sit in and test the goods for themselves. This will allow for a real time test where body positioning and suitability can be determined. If this is not possible, it is left to guesswork and chance.


Massage Functions

From roller adjustments technologies that will offer alignment positioning points to fixed frames for vibrations or portable headrests, sourcing your best massage chair will mostly come down to the functions that are required. This item should be seen as an extension of what a chiropractor can offer their client. It will include convenient therapeutic and massage techniques ranging from kneading to tapping, knocking and shiatsu that attack the problem areas and kill off pain at the source.


Home Space

There will be a significant range based on length and height when it comes to identifying your best massage chair, both elements that will work within certain home spaces. The environment is something of a key decisive factor. If space comes at a premium in tight intimate settings, then a more modest design maybe necessary. Should the body type necessitate a large product, then there should be a living room, bedroom or lounge area where that can be incorporated.


Price Affordability

There will be a sliding scale based on price for an item of this profile, but rarely will a recipient be able to confidently assert they have found their best massage chair by paying the lowest possible rate on the market. There are valued items listed on the market that start around the $500 mark to as high as $1500, but these brands are often outdated and only comes inclusive with the very basic features. The expected price should begin around $1500 to range up to the $5000 mark. This mid-range will mix luxury with medical precision. Customers that proceed with a transaction exceeding $5000 are opting for a high-end class brand that goes above and beyond.


Customer Warranty

Any investment that ranges in the thousands of dollars, it is crucial that you secure a customer warranty. The best massage chair brand will ensure that they are not shortchanging their clientele, particularly those that require specific treatments for spinal alignment and alleviating back pain. Any item in this industry will come secure with a 3-5 year warranty that protects the condition of the investment, allowing for a refund or replacement if there is a fault.



There are further steps you can take as a consumer to pick out the best massage chair for your personal needs. From conducting an online search to building a selective shortlist, reading carefully the user reviews, ratings and feedback to running an assessment on brand reputation and reliability, the less you leave to guesswork the better the end product will be. Undertake some homework, speak to a locally trusted chiropractor and identify a product that will reap rewards long after the sale.