Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Dry Haircut Salon in Sydney

blower drying hair

Despite the myths about hair styling that get perpetuated around the beauty industry, there is no special rule that says a trim needs to be performed on wet locks. In actuality, visiting a specialized dry haircut salon Sydney has never been more popular!

The truth is, for many different types of head-fur, wet trimming actually produces worse results than the alternative. Not only does this new method produce better aesthetic results, but it improves to overall condition of the follicles as well.

Let’s take a look at the top 6 reasons why you should be checking out a dry haircut salon Sydney.


1: It’s great for curly and wavy types

People who have had to deal with their frustrating waves or ringlets understand that getting a new style means being very particular about where a trim is made. Curls and waves tend to lie about what they will look like once they’re no longer wet.

Visiting a dry haircut salon in Sydney and trimming the curls and waves while they’re doing their natural thing makes sure that the stylist understands where they need to take their scissors. This way they’ll be able to make sure that your locks sit just right when it’s all over.


2: It can take a lot less time

You might have noticed that after your fibres are dried following a traditional wet trim, the stylist tends to go over cut again, making small adjustments. Starting out with dried fibres eliminates the need to spend time on this touch up work because they’ll be doing an accurate job the first time round.

Visiting a dry haircut salon in Sydney means you won’t have to spend as much of your day getting a trim or touch-up.


3: It’s more gentle on thinning or fragile types

When the fibres are wet they are more elastic and fragile, this is especially true when it’s been processed too much or is just naturally very fine. These kinds of fibres are more likely to snap while being continually combed during a wet trim.

If you get your trim at a dry haircut salon in Sydney you will notice that fewer strands will be lost during the process. A dry haircut salon in Sydney can be a lifesaver for those with fragile or thinning locks and are worried about potential hair breakage.


4: There won’t be as many surprises

Since the fibres are much stretchier when they are wet, they can appear to be much longer than they actually are. This fact is particularly true for people with natural curls.

Getting a trim at a dry haircut salon in Sydney means that the stylist will know the exact amount that needs to be taken off, which cuts down on the shock some people might have when seeing the dried result. This is especially true for those with natural curls that will bounce up more than they or their stylist expected.

When visiting a dry haircut salon in Sydney, what you see is definitely what you get. For those particularly cautious of how their style looks, this can be a great assurance for them.


5: It is far more accurate

When you get a trim at a dry haircut salon in Sydney you’ll be able to see the movement of the fibres in real time. This lets the stylist see how much the weight is distributed so they know how to accurately trim the right areas.

This is a great advantage for those with thin fibres. It also lets the stylist see any split ends more clearly.


6: It’s much more personalised

When the fibres are wet, many stylists are simply following a basic formula that they learnt in beauty school. Because wet fibres typically look similar between different people, the stylist can’t give a truly individualised service.

Visiting a dry haircut salon in Sydney means that the stylist will be working with your fibres the way they are going to look each day when you go out. This helps them give a truly personalised service that’s ideal for your unique sense of style.