Why Balloon Columns are a Viable Marketing Tactic

What can balloon columns achieve for your business?

These marketing items can be utilized in a variety of formats and settings depending on the occasion and the message the brand is attempting to push.

In on way it is a complimentary tool to help accentuate some of the values and tone of a campaign, or it can be a signature item for a trade show or grand opening.

The freedom of choice makes this a quality and affordable product, using a sizeable good to establish a company in the community.

Let us outline why these columns are viable as a tactic in 2018.


Catering to Wide Audience

Studies have been extensive when it comes to analyzing the positives and negatives of various marketing tactics. Amongst the offline strategies that are used by different brands across Australia and beyond, balloon columns are seen to be effective because they attract the attention of almost all demographics. The fun, light and colourful aesthetic is something that draws people in, either consciously or subconsciously. Everyone from young children to senior citizens find a friendly tone that is set by an item of this profile. If you wish to build your audience, then this would be a wise strategy to embrace.


Size Matters

One of the joys of using balloon columns for marketing purposes is that you can cover a great amount of space no matter what the environment may be. We have discussed how this is an item that draws the eye and when marketers ponder how they spread their message and engage as many people as possible, the utilization of space is paramount.

Whether it is at an opening or for an event or a trade show, these balloons can be arched and erected to be a grand welcoming present for guests nearby. Even those participants arriving from a distance won’t be able to ignore what is presented before them, enticing others to see what the fuss is about. The ability to capture the eye should not be underestimated in a saturated market.


Flexible Use With Little Overheads

Utilizing a lightweight design that comes accustomed with balloon columns means that marketers and company officials are not stretched for logistical challenges. They can be moved from one location to the next with minimal fuss. If an event pops up at short notice, an order can be made with the product available in no time at all. Keeping the overheads down means that the return on investment (ROI) parameter will be positive.


Cost Efficient Branding Opportunity

Creating a large display that can be viewed from a distance would normally set a business back with their budget. This is fortunately not the case with balloon columns as this ploy is considered a cost efficient way to promote the brand without delving into the red on the balance sheet. Whether they are sourced from helium or hydrogen providers and no matter what texture or design is utilised, this is a tactic that weighs favourably when compared to giant billboards, posters, merchandise stalls or other offline campaigns that cost money.


Multiple Uses For Different Events

You name the event and there is every chance that the use of balloon columns will be appropriate. Spanning store openings to bulked discounts, new programs, holidays and more – this is a multifaceted asset that the company can bring out for any occasion they believe requires some light and enjoyment for nearby participants.



The field of marketing in 2018 might be preoccupied with stealth digital techniques, but using something as colourful and beautiful as balloon columns can solve a number of objectives. They are affordable, they reach all demographics, they draw attention and can be utilised for a variety of occasions. What is not to love about this product?