Why Local Brands Should Cash in on Logo Printed Balloons

purple balloons

Local brands have a hell of a time in the modern marketplace to gain notoriety and traction from consumers.

If big business is not taking away their advertising space in magazines, newspapers and billboards, they are exhausting much of the digital space by purchasing Google, Instagram and Facebook placements.

This makes the challenge all the more significant for operators who want a cost effective method that cuts through to the consumer base.

One such effective strategy is seen through the use of logo printed balloons, products that promote the cause of the brand for any particular occasion.

Have a new product to rollout? Attending a local event with hundreds or thousands of local participants? Celebrating a milestone? Each example can see these products allow the brand to shine at their absolute brightest.

Here we will argue why local businesses should see these items as a way to cash in.


Instant Brand Recognition

The notion of ‘brand recognition’ might be something only reserved to marketing strategists who have an understanding for its relevance, but it is a topic that applies just as much to local businesses as major conglomerates. Logo printed balloons allow for the community to make subconscious parallels and influence their behaviour by sending signals about who the brand is and what they offer. Providing custom made balloons might be considered a small gesture on the surface, but it helps to sew the seed for future marketing endeavours and to make the name known to the wider public.


Cost Saving Marketing Exercise

The cost per unit for logo printed balloons makes for a sound marketing exercise. Only operating at cents on the dollar, this is a strategy that gleans a healthy return on investment when pitted against alternative measures that are geared towards promoting a local business. This will include paid social media marketing, billboard, magazine and newspaper advertising and the circulation of flyers and business cards to nearby mailboxes. This is space for eyeballs that carries a significant price and these outlets know that. The balloon on the other hand can be equally geared to residents and commercial users, so there is not a great differential between the two.


Quick Turnaround Time

Simply pick up the phone to speak with a provider who details in logo printed balloons and ask them about their turnaround time. So long as they have access to a high resolution image with the logo and any appropriate design features that want to be included, and this can be a batch to turnaround inside 24-48 hours. This is again favourable when weighed against comparative endeavours that attempt to profit on local businesses who have a small budget and timeframe to manage.


Crosses Demographic Spectrum

Logo printed balloons do not discriminate. From young children to grandparents, from couples to singles, from all ethnicities and sexual orientations to backgrounds of all shapes and sizes, these products provide light, fun and levity across the board. That is an asset that should be valued by local enterprises who no dot have the time or resources to build specific customer profiles.


Complete Customisation

OK so you might have a logo already made for the business – and that is a design that cannot be shifted or altered under any circumstances. But the positioning, size and background can be completely altered, making logo printed balloons essentially a blank canvas. For those creative types in the marketing department, this is an opportunity to showcase how family friendly and applicable the company logo truly is, transitioning onto a variety of warm or cool colours (green, black, white, purple, yellow, orange, blue etc.) to various shades and sizes that can be upscaled or downscaled accordingly. It is incredibly difficult to source a material that has this much flexibility for customisation purposes, but balloons fitted for print are perfect backdrops for this very practice.