Why you should be using Anaplan solutions

The world of finance is rapidly developing as new technologies allow for the birth of several new services, methods and companies that builds greater competition and more streamlined productivity. Cloud planning is at the centre of this and Tridant Anaplan solutions is one of these services that help businesses in this area.

People are looking to move away from spreadsheets and seeking new ways to manage their finances in the current financial and technological landscape. There are so many different financial solutions utilising cloud services that it is important to know whether a given product will really improve agility and insight.

Anaplan solutions stand out from the pack and below are a few reasons that you should be using Anaplan solutions as opposed to other financial cloud services.

A transformational enterprise platform

Anaplan solutions is designed for planning and modelling in all department and not just finance, making it versatile and suitable throughout the whole business. Many firms will start by implementing a product like Anaplan solutions into one department and then expand it throughout the company. Because Anaplan is versatile and works well across all departments, the finance team is then able to grasp a wholesome picture of the company. This will ultimately allow them to perform their tasks with more precision and benefit the business on a greater scale. The impacts of changes throughout other departments of the business, such as sales forecasting on balance sheets and cash flow can be seen in real time.

Aligned with and owned by the business

Anaplan solutions allow you to create models, modify them and create new scenarios without the help of IT.  Users are able to develop and change parts of the model with changes in the business and market scenarios as well as create a range of ‘what-if’ questions to accommodate for potential future changes and developments. Additionally, being able to create your own models ensures that they are relevant for the business.

This helps to boost the productivity further and also allow for more streamlined data management and performance metrics. This helps to drive down the total cost of the Anaplan solutions as you are getting more from it. Your business plan will also be more comprehensive and accurate.

Rapid time value

Cloud services are designed to put an end to the hassle of organisation and hardware with everything automated. However, in many instances the structure of these systems is designed for finance and accounting rather than a more holistic view of business planning. This can make development and change difficult as you look to grow and integrate other elements of your business.

Anaplan solutions, in contrast, provide a versatile and agile data management and intelligence system that allows you to make changes that are rapid and iterative. This helps your business to adapt better to change and limit the drag of updates and enhancements.

Anaplan solutions are there to help improve a given business. That is why they have gone to the effort of ensuring that it is not only flexible but also easy to use. This reduces the training time and ensures that every employee has a sound understanding of the platform. Being able to integrate it across all of the business departments means that once it has been settled and understood, the whole of the business can be included which will ultimately benefit the management of all departments. Boosting data units, quality and performance ensures that employees are more in control and customers’ demands or desires are more easily met through quantitative measurements. There is almost a cyclical benefit of Anaplan solutions as employees improve their output and customers are happier which increases employee motivation and so on.