Why You Should Look Into an Arboriculture Report

There are many Australians out there (and unfortunately not that many politicians) that understand how important it is to protect the environment. Over the years, humans have already created irreversible damage and there are many people out there who are desperately trying to raise awareness so that any further damage can be prevented. While each and every human will have some kind of carbon footprint, this doesn’t mean that people can’t do everything in their power in order to reduce this footprint. They can look at things such as eating less red meat as cows are a huge contributor of greenhouse gases, using public transport instead of driving, as well as flushing the toilet less. People can implement things such as solar power, electric cars, and can even start compost bins in their own backyards. Another important thing that people do is try to plant as many trees as possible and also keep as many trees as possible. So many have been cut down that species are lost and people are suffering from pollution and diesel fumes. As it is so important to save as many trees as possible, people should look into an arboricultural report before they decide to cut one down.


An arboriculture report is an in-depth assessment of a tree

One of the many reasons why people should organize an arboriculture report is because they will be able to gather in-depth information about a tree. This will include the age, the health, as well as the diameter. It will include the tree species, the heights, and if there are any bugs or illnesses present that could infect surrounding trees. The professional who puts together this document will also give a reason why it could be removed and reasons why it could not be removed. This is important as there are usually reasons for both. It is also important that people know that an arboriculture report will only cover one item, meaning that people will need to organize one document per tree. If there are many items to be done it can be wise to chat with the company as hand to see if a discount can be organised. Once people organize this documentation, they are able to show this to their local council who will then make the final decision about if the item can be professionally removed or not. It may be suggested that the item is simply pruned instead of removed.


An arboricultural report can help people decide where to build

Another great thing about organising an arboriculture report is that it will help people decide where they are going to build. A household may be looking to complete an extension or renovation and will need to know which trees are valuable and which ones can be removed. For example, it may be more likely that a non-native item can be removed than a native one that is in danger of becoming extinct. Furthermore, it may be more likely that an item is removed if it is protruding into power lines or if it is at risk of falling on to a building. If an item is found that council does not approve of being removed, people are then able to extend in a different direction. There may even be an option to transport a tree from one area of the property to another one. It is also important that people know that council regulations differ from area to area so it is always best if people chat with their council before making any decisions. As it can be seen, there are many different benefits to organizing an arboriculture report.